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      Open a New Page of Development for Chaopi in the New Era

             With the upcoming New Year, we look back and ahead. The year 2017 marks the 30 anniversary of the establishment of Chaopi. It is also the year we launched our 3F development strategy and the strategy of going national, online and global. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all employees, we took concrete steps and celebrated our anniversary with tremendous achievements. In this year, we expanded our business and maintained a strong momentum for sound and steady growth.

             In face of fierce competition, we will work with one heart and one mind and keep forging ahead in 2018. To comprehensively advance the 3F strategy and the strategy of going national, online and global, we will work hard to develop our company into an integrated consumer product provider that offers marketing and logistics services and channels.

             We will build upon our past achievements to make new progress in the new year. 2018 represents a key stage for us to move forward and write a new chapter for development. The new era has come. Let

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