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             Beijing CP Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. It was restructured from Beijing Chaoyang Non-staple Food Wholesale Company into Beijing CP Commercial & Trading Limited Company in May 2002. To cater for the needs of the market economy, the company restructured again to Beijing CP Commercial & Trading Corp., Ltd. in 2010. Now we are a subsidiary of a Hong Kong listed company- Beijing Jingkelong Company Limited.

      Company profile:

      1.Our registered capital is 500 million Yuan.By the end of year 2014,total assets exceed 4.5 billion Yuan.Currently,it has formed the business development pattern as all channels of domestic market, multi-platform of e-commerce market and multi-regional development of overseas market.We determined the development strategy of "3F and Three Transformation",and commit tocreatea new pattern of "nationalization,Internet and globalization".

      2.With its large distribution channels, CP mainly acts as a wholesaler and brand agent supported by the logistics, and is engaged in exclusive agent, cooperative distribution, service terminal, packing, warehousing & distribution, TPL , e-commerce and international trade.

      3. CP has established cooperative relationship with more than 500 well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. Over 70 world-famous brands choose our company as their general distributor, general agent or the largest distributor in Beijing.

      4. CP hasset up many successful distribution channels which covers over20000 retailers in Beijing anditssurrounding areas, including shopping malls, warehouse clubs, hypermarkets, chain supermarkets, convenience stores, small exclusive shops,restaurantsand etc.

      5. Supported by the Internet information technology, CP's channel modes are able to keep pace with the times. At present, CP's B2B online channels and B2C business has made rapid progress. We cooperated with over 10 large-scale online shopping platforms such asJD, YHD, Womai, Suning and Vipshop, set up the Official Flagship Store of "Sunny Life" on platforms such as Tmall Supermarket and Amazon, and have more than 50 specialty stores and flagship stores online. In the meantime, we expanded our B2B2C business, became the main supplier of Tmall supermarket (North China station).We established our first offline experience shop FROM in Yan'an, set up our own online shop and WeChat Official Account, and developed our own APP platform

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